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Shooters Vision Assessments

Shooters Vision Assessments

Competition shooting is quite possibly the most visually demanding sport in existence. There are visual, physical, psychological and environmental variables that contribute to your success in shooting. Our aim at Wodonga Eyecare is to help you exert some control over the impact that vision has on your shooting. 

Our “Shooting Consult” begins by measuring your current level of vision and examining what visual devices you are using for your chosen shooting discipline (clay target, rifle, pistol, hunting). We then determine if any improvements can be made in your vision with a different lens power.

An important part of our shooting consult is the examination of eye health. Diseases such as Dry Eye, Cataracts, Floaters and Macular Degeneration can significantly impact your success in shooting and these issues need to be addressed before we can move on to prescribing a shooting lens. Your shooting consult will include a thorough examination of the retina and optic nerve using the latest retinal scanning technology.


Once we have established good ocular health and dealt with eye disease we move on to tailor making a lens to suit your prescription, the type of shooting you do and the position of your rifle or shotgun relative to your eye. For this reason, you will need to bring your pistol/rifle/shotgun in to our clinic for your consult. We will have you stand or lie in position and align your lens centration and power to suit your head and eye position when shooting. It is also important that you bring in your shooting apparel because jackets and hats can affect the eye relief (the distance of your eye from the rear sight).

Once you have your custom-made shooting lenses and clear vision, it’s then up to you to manage the remainder of the elements that will influence your shooting; your mind control, your equipment, your body, your fitness, your ammunition and the weather! I suppose you will just have to deal with the weather as it comes!

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