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Myopia in Children: A Predicted Epidemic

The majority (65%) of Australian parents (with children 0-17-years old) do not know what child myopia is and alarmingly, only 12% of parents recognize the eye health risk that their children might develop later in life from myopia.[1] It is important for parents to be aware of myopia, the risk factors and that it can be managed.

Do you see what I see?


Our eyes are incredible organs that work long, hard hours to allow us to capture the beauty of the world around us. If we think of our eyes like cameras, our retina is like the film (or digital sensor if you’ve never used a film camera!). The retina contains ~100 million light sensitive cells (rods and cones) that capture light and, through complex layers of cells and connections, sends that signal to our brain to create the images we see. 

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