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What are the REAL differences?

When near vision begins to decrease people often reach for an off-the-shelf pair of magnifiers or reading glasses to sharpen things up. These readily available and cheap glasses may seem like a great choice, but what are the real differences between magnifiers and properly prescribed near glasses?

Myopia in Children: A Predicted Epidemic

The majority (65%) of Australian parents (with children 0-17-years old) do not know what child myopia is and alarmingly, only 12% of parents recognize the eye health risk that their children might develop later in life from myopia.[1] It is important for parents to be aware of myopia, the risk factors and that it can be managed.

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Healthy Eyes for Life

At Wodonga Eyecare our eye care professionals provide a personalized exam with a particular emphasis on eye health. We offer you helpful advice on how to best meet your visual needs and maintain healthy eyes for life.

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