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Do you see what I see?


Our eyes are incredible organs that work long, hard hours to allow us to capture the beauty of the world around us. If we think of our eyes like cameras, our retina is like the film (or digital sensor if you’ve never used a film camera!). The retina contains ~100 million light sensitive cells (rods and cones) that capture light and, through complex layers of cells and connections, sends that signal to our brain to create the images we see. 

Every part of the retina corresponds to a specific area in our vision. The macula is responsible for central vision and the peripheral retina for our side vision. When everything is healthy and working well, we see our world as normal. This all seems so natural that we often take our eyesight for granted. Unfortunately, there is a lot that can go wrong.

So, why do we do retinal scans? We use our scanning technology to check that these complex layers of tissue are healthy. The scans provide important eye health information that we can’t get in any other way. This helps us to ensure the retina can continue to do its job and provide you with normal, natural vision. If we don’t look, we don’t know – it’s that simple.

A common misconception is “my vision seems fine, so my retinas must be fine”. The truth is, early retinal holes, tears and lesions often don’t have symptoms, but if detected and treated promptly vision can be saved. It is very hard to detect subtle changes in your peripheral vision, so things can be changing and go unnoticed. It’s at these early stages that treatment is most effective.

Retinal scans are also a great addition to a general health check. Having a look at the blood vessels inside the eyes not only ensures the retinas are getting the nutrients and oxygen they need, but also tells us a lot about what the blood vessels in the rest of your body are doing. The eye is the only place in the body that we can view uncovered blood vessels! Everywhere else they are under the skin. Retinal scanning technology can detect changes in vasculature from high blood pressure and diabetes. Appropriate management can then be started with your GP to ensure your whole body is as healthy as possible.

Scanning for changes in the eyes over time is a very helpful tool in disease prevention and detection. Having the ability to document and compare scans at every visit is an invaluable tool to better manage your eye health throughout your life. It is vitally important that we take good care of our eyes, so they can keep up with our daily demands for the long-haul.



Optical extras?
Use them or lose them by December 31.


Did you know that you can claim ANY health fund optical benefits with us? Maximise your entitlements and our expertise to find the perfect eyewear for you. We take the time to understand how you use your eyes so that we can tailor our eyewear recommendation for your needs.


Just a few of the ways you can use your optical benefits this year:


  • Contact Lenses
    The latest technologies in contact lenses means we can prescribe a contact lens solution for almost any prescription.

  • Prescription Sunglasses
    Enjoy clear vision and UV protection at the same time.

  • Digital Eyewear
    Spend a lot of time in front of digital screens? Ask us about digital eyewear to help alleviate the strain on your eyes.

  • New Fashion Look
    We love helping people select a new look from our hand-picked range of frames.

  • Reading Glasses
    If you enjoy reading and do a lot of close-work, a specific pair of reading glasses can provide clear vision and an extra level of comfort for your eyes.

  • Driving Glasses
    Your vision is responsible for around 90% of the information we use for driving. We can assess your vision to ensure maximum road safety with appropriate eyewear.

  • Spare Everyday Pair
    Losing or breaking your glasses can be stressful if you don’t have a back-up pair. Come in and claim a spare pair with your optical extras.

  • Sports Eyewear
    Sport-specific eyewear can enhance both your comfort and performance on the field.  


So, come in and let us help you make the most of your optical extras before they expire on December 31!




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